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Defining Siebel Operation Step Output Arguments

Output arguments allow you to store a resulting value in a process property. This value can then be passed to other processes.

To define output arguments for an operation step

  1. With the appropriate Siebel operation step selected in the Process Designer, right-click and choose Show Output Arguments.
  2. In the Output Arguments applet, right-click and choose New Record.
  3. In the Property Name field, select the property name from the picklist.
  4. In the Type field, choose an output argument type. The choices available are:
    • Literal
    • Output Argument
    • Expression
    • Business Component
  5. If the output argument type you chose is
    • Literal, then enter a value.
    • Output Argument, then enter the argument.
    • Business Component, then select the applicable business component name and business component field.
  6. Enter any appropriate comments.
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