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Defining User Interact Next Step Branches

User interact steps can have multiple next step branches. Use the following procedure to define each branch.

NOTE:  In this release, Workflow processes do not support parallel processing. Make sure that you define your conditions so that only one branch is valid. If an object matches the conditions in multiple branches, it will try to take all branches one at a time in a random order until the first End step is reached.

To define a next step branch

  1. From the Process Designer palette workspace, drag and drop the appropriate step icon for the next step in the process.

    NOTE:  If you have already designed the entire workflow process, including connector arrows, click the connector arrow attached to the user interact step, then proceed to step 4.

  2. Drag and drop a connector arrow to the workspace, connecting the user interact step with the new next step.
  3. Enter or modify the branch name.

    NOTE:  The name of the branch must be unique or you will not be able to commit the record.

  4. Choose a branch type. Type values are described in Table 7.

    CAUTION:  Always define a Default branch step in case some work items do not meet any of the conditions you define.

  5. Enter comments, if applicable.
  6. See Defining Conditions and Values for Branches, Decision Steps, and User Interact Steps, to define the conditions that apply to each branch.
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