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Using the Validate Tool to Correct Errors in Workflow Processes

The Validate tool in Siebel Business Process Designer is an error-correction mechanism that you use before simulation and deployment. You can validate a workflow process by using the context-sensitive right-click menu in the Palette Designer or in the Workflow Processes OBLE in Siebel Tools.

Validation enforces the semantic consistency of a workflow process that otherwise cannot be easily enforced by structural constraints. For example, using validation, you can make sure that an error process does not itself contain an error process. When you validate a workflow process, you are given warnings about errors the workflow may contain. You can then correct the errors before running the Process Simulator.

The Validate tool can detect the following errors:

  • Connectors not attached correctly. Make sure all the workflow process diagram's branches are connected correctly.
  • Outgoing branches not specified for Decision steps. Make sure to specify outgoing branches for each Decision step in the workflow process.
  • Business services and business service methods not specified for Business Service steps. Make sure that each Business Service step in the workflow process is not missing a business service or a business service method.
  • Business components missing from Siebel Operation steps. Make sure to specify the business component upon which each Siebel Operation step acts.
  • Subprocess names not specified for Subprocess steps. Make sure that each Subprocess step specifies the appropriate subprocess that the workflow calls.

To validate a workflow process

  1. In Siebel Tools, in the Workflow Processes OBLE, select the process you want to validate.
  2. Right-click and select Validate.

    The Validate dialog box appears.

  3. Click Start.

    "Starting validation..." appears in the bottom left corner of the Validate dialog box.

  4. If the validation is successful, there are no errors to report and in the bottom left corner of the dialog box, a message reads, "Total tests failed: 0."
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