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Running the Process Simulator

Before you run the Process Simulator for the first time, you must set your debug options. Then in the Process Designer, you right-click and select Simulate Workflow Process to start the Process Simulator.

CAUTION:  When testing a workflow process using the Process Simulator, it is important to note that the workflow runs just as if it were called normally. For instance, if the process includes a Siebel operation such as update or add, the records in the database will be updated when you run the Process Simulator; if you are testing a workflow in which the Outbound Communications Manager is used to send email, then email will be sent to the specified recipient.

NOTE:  The Workflow Process Simulator will simulate a wait period if a Wait step is specified in seconds. However, if the unit of time is specified in minutes or greater, the Simulator will simply move on to the next step.

To use the Process Simulator to test a workflow process

  1. In Siebel Tools, navigate to View > Options > Debug and set your debug options. Complete the fields in the Debug tab according to the guidelines listed below, where $ represents settings specific to your setup. Enter the complete path for the Siebel executable (Siebel.exe) and the configuration file (uagent.cfg).



    CFG file


    Working directory


    User name




    Data source


  2. In the Process Designer, right-click and select Simulate Workflow Process.

    A new instance of the Web Client launches according to the debug settings you entered. The My Inbox Items view appears (in the Administration - Inbox screen).

  3. Click the hyperlink Debug Workflow in the Name column of the My Inbox Items list.

    The Workflow engine is invoked, and the thread is released. Control is moved to Siebel Tools.

  4. Navigate back to Siebel Tools and click the Start button.
  5. If the first step executes as expected, click Next Step to execute the next step in the process.
    • To use the Watch window, right-click on the canvas and select Watch Window.
    • You can use the Process Designer at any time to make changes to the step details, and then return to the Process Simulator to debug the process.
  6. Continue stepping through the workflow process and verifying the results of each step in the Watch window until the process completes.
  7. When you are finished, click the Stop button to terminate the simulation.
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