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About Long-Running Workflow Processes

A long-running workflow process is a persistent workflow that can last for hours, days, or months. One example of a long-running workflow is Send Order to SAP. In this example, the workflow sends an order to an external system and waits for a response.

You can use the long-running workflow processing mode to create a single workflow to handle an entire business process transaction (for example, the Quote to Cash business process), and to coordinate between multiple subprocesses.

You can build long-running workflow processes that are collaborative, by assigning subprocesses to end users. You do this by employing the Workflow User Event business service, which generates user events that can span from one user or session to another user or session. For more information, see About the Workflow User Event Business Service.

NOTE:  You cannot build User Interact steps into long-running workflows, but you can build interactive workflows into long-running workflows as subprocesses.

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