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Tracking Profiles Support for Briefings Users

When users first begin using Siebel Briefings, their tracking profiles do not contain the accounts, competitors, industries, or products that they want to track.

Users must set their preferences using the tracking profile to receive the following items:

  • External and internal news and information about their tracked accounts and competitors.
  • Literature associated with their preferred accounts, products, competitors, or industries.
  • Market information about selected stocks in the My Stocks section.
  • Access to Account or Competitor Briefings from the Tracked Account or Tracked Competitor views.

Users can view the tracking profiles from the Briefings screen by clicking Summary in the link bar. Users can also enter or change their tracking preferences by clicking on the corresponding link in the link bar. For example, they can click my Tracked Accounts in the link bar, and then specify the accounts to track in the My Tracked Accounts list.

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