Siebel Briefings Administration Guide

What's New in This Release

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Getting Started

Briefings Installation Requirements

Content Services Setup Tasks

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Understanding Siebel Briefings

Siebel Briefings Architecture

About Siebel Briefings

My Briefing

Account Briefing

Competitor Briefing

Company Briefing and Siebel Content Services

Additional Briefings Features

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Configuring Siebel Briefings

Process of Configuring Siebel Briefings

Configuring My Briefing as the Default Home Page

Adding D&B User Credentials

Setting Up Drill-Down Destinations

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Integrating External Content

About Content Broker

Content Agents for Company Vocabulary

Content Agents and Requests to External Content Sources

Process of Integrating External Content

Connecting to Content Services

Adding Siebel Industry and Language Content Services

Overview of Configuration for Briefings External Data Integration

Briefings Configuration Scenarios

Briefings Configuration Example

Configuring a Business Component to Allow External Data for Briefings

Configuring an Applet to Display External Data for Briefings

Mapping an Applet and Web Template to a Briefings View

Defining Content Agents for Briefings

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Administering Siebel Briefings

Process of Administering Siebel Briefings

Setting Up a News Topic Administrator

Setting Up News Services Access Groups

Setting Up Briefings News Packages

Managing Briefings News Topics

Associating Accounts with Briefings Topics

Associating a Briefings Topic with Your Company

Publishing Literature, Web Clips and Recommended Links in Briefings

Publishing Briefings Bulletins

Setting Up Synchronization Preferences

Predefined Queries for Briefings

Briefings Plug-Ins and Viewers for Users

News Topics Selection Support for Briefings Users

Tracking Profiles Support for Briefings Users

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Troubleshooting Siebel Briefings

External News and Data Do Not Appear in Briefings

News Does Not Appear in the Our Company Section

404 Not Found Error in the Siebel Mobile Web Client

Users Cannot Add New Competitors to Track

My Briefing Displays Slowly

Selected Applets Do Not Appear on Briefing Page

Users Cannot Add News Topics

Users Receive Too Much News

Literature and Bulletins Are Out of Date

Synchronize Briefings View Is Blank

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Siebel Briefings Administration Guide