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Publishing Literature, Web Clips and Recommended Links in Briefings

You can distribute literature items, such as sales brochures, marketing presentations, and price sheets to a targeted audience of users. When you create a literature record in the Siebel Encyclopedia, you identify the accounts, competitors, industries, and products associated with the contents of the file. Users who have selected those topics in their tracking profile receive a link to the literature file. When a user clicks the link, the program that was used to create the file opens and the file appears.

You can use the My Briefing release and expiration date in the Administration - Document screen > Literature view to control when literature items are posted.

Literature associated with accounts and competitors automatically appears in the literature section of Account and Competitor Briefing pages. Only when the literature items are deleted from the Siebel Encyclopedia are they removed from Account or Competitor Briefings.

NOTE:  Users must have the appropriate applications installed to view literature items. For example, to view .pdf files, the user must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Recommended links allow you to distribute useful Web pages to users. You can include the linked page in the Web Clips section in-line or as a hyperlink.

When you publish recommended links, you target a specific audience by associating recommended links to accounts, competitors, industries, and products. The recommended link is distributed to users who have subscribed to these topics in their tracking profile. You control the release and expiration date using the Administration - Document screen > Literature view.

This task is a step in Process of Administering Siebel Briefings. For more information about literature, see Applications Administration Guide.

To publish a literature item in Briefings

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Document screen > Literature view.
  2. In the Literature list, add a record and complete the fields.

    The following table describes some of the fields.



    Enter a name for the literature record. This text appears as the link in the Literature section of Briefing pages.

    Literature Type

    Specify the type of link you are creating.

    For example, if you are creating a recommended link or Web clip, select Recommended Link.

    If you are creating a link to a file, select the appropriate type for the file. For example, for a sales presentation, you might select Sales Tool: Presentation. These values are from the Siebel List of Values.

    Update File

    A check mark in this field indicates that the copy of the literature should be updated automatically each time the original file is updated.

    File Name

    Enter the name of the file or a URL. URLs must include the protocol, for example, http://.


    Enter a summary of the literature item. Text in the Synopsis field appears on the user's My Briefing page. If nothing is entered in the Synopsis field, the contents of the Description field is displayed instead.

    Web Display

    If you are linking to a Web page, use this field to determine how to display it.

    • Frame. Displays a link to the URL. When the user clicks the link, the content appears in the current frame (the area under the Briefing tabs).
    • Window. Displays a link to the Web page. When the user clicks the link, the page appears in an expanded window. The user must use the Web browser's Back button to return to Briefings.
    • New Window. Displays a link to the Web page. When the user clicks the link, the page appears in a new browser window, allowing the user to switch between Briefings and the Web page.
    • In-Line. Displays the entire Web page in the selected section of the portal page or pages.

      Displaying Web pages in-line works best with simple Web pages. Large or complex pages, such as those that use JavaScript, can slow down the system and cause unexpected results. Be sure to test in-line pages before distributing them to users.

    Release Date

    To post the literature item in users' My Briefing pages, enter a release date.

    Expiration Date

    To post the literature item in users' My Briefing pages, enter an expiration date.

    Distribution Method

    Indicates whether or not the file is automatically distributed to all users.

    • Publish. Sends the record to the user and begins the file transmission. If the user does nothing during a synchronization session, the file downloads automatically. If the user explicitly skips the file, the file is not downloaded during the current synchronization session. During the next synchronization session, the same options are presented.
    • By Request. The user receives the record, but not the actual file. The user must request the file by clicking the Request field.


    This column is only visible when the user is logged in to a local database.

    Indicates whether or not the document is available on the local hard disk. If a document is not available locally, you can request it by selecting the Request field. The file is downloaded in the next synchronization session.


    Indicates whether or not the document is about your company and not intended for public distribution (internal). Select the field if the document is internal.

    Clear the field if the document is about another company (external) or is intended for public distribution.

    If the literature is internal, it does not appear as a choice in the Enclosure list applet in the My Correspondence Requests view or in the Literature list in the Product Detail Administration view.

    To change this behavior, remove the Search Specification, Internal = Y on the appropriate Business Component. For more information on changing Business Components, see Using Siebel Tools.


    Select the organization to which you want to distribute the literature item.

    NOTE:  If you do not see the field name in the Literature form, click the menu button on the Literature form and select Columns Displayed.

  3. In the More Info form, select or add accounts, competitors, industries and products associated with the literature item.

    If the literature item is associated with an account or competitor, it appears in the literature section of the Account or Competitor Briefing page.

    For users who have included the associated topics on their tracking profile, a link to the literature item appears in the Literature section on the My Briefing page.

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