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Publishing Briefings Bulletins

Bulletins are internal company broadcast messages that alert users to company announcements. Bulletins appear in the New Bulletins section of the My Briefing page.

This task is a step in Process of Administering Siebel Briefings.

To publish bulletins on the My Briefing page

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Communications screen > Message Broadcasts view.
  2. In the Message Broadcasts list add a record and enter information for the broadcast message.

    The following table describes some of the fields.

    NOTE:  You must select the Briefing Bulletin check box for the message to appear in the New Bulletins section of the My Briefing page.



    Severity of the message. Options are Normal, High, Urgent, or Urgent with Alert.


    The bulletin's title. Text in the Abstract field appears in bold typeface and can be up to 100 characters in length.


    Text of broadcast message. This text appears as the body of the bulletin and can be unlimited in length.


    Select or add the users.


    Select or create the Divisions you want to receive the bulletin.


    Select the All check box to send the bulletin to all users.

    Activation Date/Time

    Select the activation date and time for the bulletin.

    If you do not define these dates, the bulletin is published from the current date until the message is deleted from the Siebel database.

    Expiration Date/Time

    Publication date for the bulletin, and when the bulletin expires. If these dates are not defined and the bulletin is flagged for publication, the bulletin is published from the current date until it is deleted from your Siebel application.


    If the check box is selected, the bulletin is available for broadcast.

    Briefing Bulletin

    If the Briefing Bulletin check box is selected, broadcast messages are displayed in the New Bulletin section on the Briefings home page.

For more information about Message Broadcasting, see the Applications Administration Guide.

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