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Configuring a Business Component to Allow External Data for Briefings

External content appears in Siebel Briefings application in applets. Applets contain list columns or controls that are mapped to fields in specialized business components. These fields do not represent structured data like records from an RDBMS. Rather, each field represents the HTML results that are sent by an external content provider and displayed in an applet. The first step in integrating external content is to add a new field that represents HTML results to a business component.

Adding a New Field to a Business Component

The following procedure describes how an organization can include the Top News section to Account Briefings. The administrator starts by adding a field to the SI Account External business component. This is a custom field that represents the HTML results sent by TopNews.

NOTE:  To minimize configuration work, copy an existing field that is already configured to handle external data, and then modify its properties.

To add a field to a business component and define field properties

  1. Start Siebel Tools.
  2. Select Business Component in the Object Explorer.
  3. Query for SI Account External.
  4. Copy the Field CompanyNews.
  5. Rename the field as TopNews to represent external data, and then define the field properties.

    The following table describes the key field properties related to Siebel Briefings.

    Example Value



    Defines the name of the field.



    A check mark in this field indicates that it is a calculated value.

    Calculated Value


    Maps the business component to the content agent defined in the Administration - Integration screen views.



    Leave this field blank.



    Leave this field blank.

    Multi Value Link


    Leave this field blank.

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