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Additional Briefings Features

Siebel Briefings includes several key features that provide users with relevant business information. These features include:

My News Topics

Users can create ad-hoc custom news topics that are displayed on their My Briefings page. Users select My News Topic from the drop-down list of the Briefings screen, and then click the User-Defined tab. A full-text expression can be entered and articles containing that expression are tracked. For example, if the expression software is entered, news articles reflecting this industry and product segment are displayed on the My News section of the My Briefings page.

In the My News Topic view, users can also customize the layout of the articles, the number of headlines displayed for each tracked topic, and the number of days the search topic is active.

Tracking Profile

The tracking profile allows users to control much of the information that appears in the My Briefing document. Users choose the topics that they want to track. Only the information related to the selected topics appears in the My Briefing document. This allows users to filter out information that is not relevant to their interests and responsibilities.

The tracking profile allows users to select:

  • Accounts
  • Competitors
  • Industries
  • Products
  • News topics

After the user selects specific accounts, news, literature from the Siebel Encyclopedia, recommended links, and Web clips related to these accounts appear in the user's My Briefing page.

The tracking profile controls the following sections of the My Briefing document:

  • Account/Competitor News
  • Literature
  • Recommended Links
  • Web Clips
  • My News

Edit Layout Preferences

Users can personalize the applets displayed on Briefing pages and choose their preferred layout. Users can either use the buttons above each applet or click on the Edit Layout button on each briefing page.

The Content Selection and Layout view, shown in Figure 2, allows users to see the order of applets and whether they are displayed or hidden. This view also allows users to display applets, reposition applets, and to return the page layout to the default setting. The Content Selection and Layout view is available by clicking the Edit Layout button at the top of the briefing pages.

Figure 2.  Content Selection and Layout View
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Layout preferences are stored as part of the user profile and are independent of the client computer being used.


Bulletins are internal company broadcast messages that alert users to important internal events and announcements from your company. Bulletins appear in the New Bulletins section of users' My Briefings documents. Users see bulletins that are associated with their user name or division, or those that are broadcast to the entire organization. Typically, bulletins are generated by a system administrator or designated employees who have privileges to publish bulletins.

For more information about creating Bulletins, see Publishing Briefings Bulletins.

Siebel Search

Users can search the Siebel database by clicking the search button (binoculars icon) in the upper-right area of any window. Table 11 summarizes the types of data and searchable fields.

Table 11.  Siebel Search
Search Target
User Entry
Siebel Search Results


Account Name

Accounts in the user's organization


Last Name

All contacts


First Name or Last Name

All employees


Name, Description, or Author

All literature in the Siebel Encyclopedia



Opportunities that are visible to the sales representative

Service Requests

Service Request Number

All service requests in the user's organization

Recommended Links

Recommended links are hyperlinks that appear in Briefing documents. They are links to recommended Web sites defined and published by a marketing administrator. Administrators define and publish recommended links using the Administration - Document screen's Literature view. Recommended links are stored in the Siebel Encyclopedia.

For information about how to publish recommended links, see Publishing Literature, Web Clips and Recommended Links in Briefings.

Web Clips

Web clips are static Web pages displayed in Briefing documents. Marketing administrators define and publish Web clips using the Administration - Document screen's Literature view. Web clips are stored in the Siebel Encyclopedia as a specialized type of recommended link.

For information about how to publish Web clips, see Publishing Literature, Web Clips and Recommended Links in Briefings.

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