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Company Briefing and Siebel Content Services

Siebel Content Services includes leading news wires, business magazines, newspapers, and trade journals. It provides news, company profiles, corporate relationship information, market data and other relevant content that appears in context with the organization's Siebel data.

Siebel Content Services publishes a database referencing thousands of public and private companies. Customers who subscribe to Siebel Content Services receive Company Briefings for any of these companies using the Company Search feature on the My Briefing page.

Company Briefings provide external information about the company such as news, a company profile, information about corporate affiliates, and links to additional information on the Internet. When a user enters a query in the Company Search section, matching records from the Siebel Content Services Company Database are displayed in the Search Results section with links to Company Briefings. Users can gather information about companies they may not be tracking as accounts or competitors.

After the query results are returned, the user can click the name of a company, and a Company Briefing appears.

Company Briefing Sections Displaying External Data

Table 10 describes the external data sections that are displayed in Company Briefings.

Table 10.  Company Briefing External Data Sections

Company News

Shows recent news articles related to the company from Siebel Content Service news providers.

Company Profile

Summary of company data provided by a Siebel Content Service content provider.

Corporate Relationships

Shows affiliated companies sorted by name.

Additional Information

Links to SEC filings for the company and links to Internet search engines or other relevant information. When users click these links, the search criteria are passed to the target site and the search is performed automatically.

Market Information

Shows stock information such as the current price, last trade, net change for the day, trading volume, 52-week high and low, and other market related data.

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