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About Siebel Briefings

Siebel Briefings is a knowledge management tool that is designed to help your employees and partners be more effective in acquiring and retaining customers.

Using Briefings, sales, marketing, and service professionals can access relevant business information about customers, prospects, markets, and competitors. Siebel Briefings aggregates Siebel data, news articles, company profiles, marketing literature, and other external data in Briefing documents. Information from outside your company is presented in the context of front-office data. For example, an Account Briefing contains information from your Siebel database, such as opportunities and service requests, as well as recent news articles about that account.

Briefing documents provide one-click access to business applications and external content sources. Users can get more detailed information by drilling down from Briefing documents into other modules in their Siebel application, and they can click hyperlinks to navigate to external Web sites.

Siebel Briefings delivers business information in four types of Briefing documents.

  • My Briefing. Provides business information that can be customized by the user.
  • Account Briefing. Provides customer information including recent news, detailed company profiles, relevant opportunities, service requests, quotes, activities, and the account team.
  • Competitor Briefing. Provides a summary of competitor information, including recent news, a detailed company profile, product information, and recommended literature.
  • Company Briefing and Siebel Content Services. Allows users to retrieve information from a Siebel Content Services company database containing information on thousands of public and private companies.

The external content for these briefings is preconfigured to integrate with Siebel Briefings if customers subscribe to Siebel Content Services. However, other external, Web-based sources can also be configured to integrate with Briefings.

Siebel Briefings Administration Guide