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Adding D&B User Credentials

In addition to D&B Company Profiles provided by Siebel Briefings, Siebel Systems and D&B offer a co-branded Web site that allows Siebel customers access to the D&B detailed business and credit reports through their Siebel application. These reports include Business Background Reports, Financial Profiles, Payment Analysis Reports, and Supplier Evaluations.

Siebel customers have two options for providing users with access to D&B business and credit reports.

  • Credit card access. The default option requires the user to enter credit card information for payment.
  • Contract access. This option requires that the customers sign a contract with D&B. Customers are given login credentials to use each time they order D&B reports, and the price of the report is billed against the contract.

    If your company has a contract with D&B to purchase these reports, you can configure your Siebel Briefings application to allow users contract access to the D&B company report site. This allows your employees to click a D&B link in the Additional Information section of Briefing documents and enter the D&B Report site with contract access.

This task is a step in Process of Configuring Siebel Briefings.

To enable contract access to the D&B report Web site

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Integration screen < WI Symbolic URL List view.
  2. From the visibility filter, choose Symbolic URL Administration.
  3. In the Symbolic URL Administration list, select the AccountAdditionalInfo symbolic URL, and supply the URL Arguments, as described in the following table.

    DNB Link

    Specify Contract as a value.

    DNB Password

    Enter the password from the login credentials issued by D&B.

    DNB User

    The value is the user name from the login credentials issued by D&B.

  4. Repeat the above steps for the CompanyAdditionalInfo symbolic URL name.

    When users click the D&B link that appears in Account, Competitor, or Company Briefings, they enter the D&B Company Report site with contract access.

For more information about D&B reports and services, see Applications Administration Guide.

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