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What's New in This Release

What's New in Siebel Briefings Administration Guide, Version 7.7

Table 1 lists changes described in this version of the documentation to support release 7.7 of the software.

Table 1.  Changes in Siebel Briefings Administration Guide, Version 7.7

Improvements to the documentation


Updated illustration

See Siebel Briefings Architecture.

Updated figure depicting Siebel Briefings architecture.

Literature view

See Recommended Links.

Updated navigation path.

Adding D&B Credentials

See Adding D&B User Credentials.

Updated navigation path.

Tracking Profiles

See Tracking Profiles Support for Briefings Users.

Updated topic.

Registry Settings for Windows NT Server

Removed topic from Troubleshooting Siebel Briefings chapter, because Windows NT is no longer supported.

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