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Connecting to Content Services

Siebel Briefings supports preconfigured integration with Siebel Content Services. Customers who subscribe to Siebel Content Services must set up the host and authentication credentials required to connect to the Content Services host. The Symbolic URL and Content Fix-up Administration views are preconfigured. D&B business and credit reports are a separate service. Instructions for accessing these services are provided in Adding D&B User Credentials.

Setting Host and Authentication Credentials

During Siebel Server installation you are asked if you have purchased Siebel Briefings, Siebel Briefings and Siebel Content Services, or neither. When you select either Siebel Briefings or Siebel Briefings and Siebel Content Services, you are prompted to enter the assigned content host name, user name, and password that allows you to access the hosted data with the Siebel application. This data consists of company profiles, corporation relationship information, premium external news feeds, and productivity content from leading content producers and providers.

NOTE:  The host name, user name, and password credentials are provided in the license key letter distributed to each customer upon purchase.

This task is a step in Content Agents and Requests to External Content Sources.

To set host and authentication credentials

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Integration screen > WI Symbolic URL List view.
  2. From the visibility filter, choose Host Administration.
  3. In the HTTP Host Administration list, add a record and complete the fields.

    The following table describes the fields.



    Provide a name for the external host. Change the host entry [ServerName] to the Content host name provided in your letter.

    Virtual Name

    A virtual name for the external host. This information is provided.

    Authentication Type

    Set authentication type to NCSA Basic.

    Authentication Value

    Enter the authentication value in the format username:password as shown in your letter.

  4. Restart your server.
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