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Selected Applets Do Not Appear on Briefing Page

If the user selected an applet to display, such as My Opportunities, and the applet does not appear on the Briefing page, this indicates there was no data. Briefings applets appear only if data is available.

In the Account and Competitor briefings, users can see if data is available by checking the table of contents. Data displayed with a blue hyperlink is available to the user; data without a hyperlink is not. The hyperlink takes you to the section of the briefing page that shows the applet.

If the desired applet is an applet that accesses the Content services database, such as Account/Competitor news, but the user does not see news, this may be because no news was available that day. It may also occur if the D-U-N-S numbers were not mapped correctly in the Account Topic Manager view.

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