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Adding the Business Service Data Map

If you have created a business service data map, you need to add this to your workflow at the appropriate point in the flow.

To add a business service data map to a workflow

  1. Add a business service step to your workflow.

    For specific instructions about how to modify workflows, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

  2. Use connector arrows to link the box into your flow.
  3. Set the following information for your business service step:
    • Enter the name of the business service workflow step.
    • Select the name of your business service for this step. If you are using a Siebel Data Mapper map, choose .EAI Data Transformation Engine.
    • Select the Execute method.
  4. Enter input and output arguments.

    Typically the input arguments include:



    Contains the integration object instance.


    Name of the function in eScript to be called if you use eScript map, or Siebel Data Mapper map name if you use Siebel Data Mapper map.


    Name of the integration object which is output.

The output arguments generally include an output SiebelMessage that contains a new integration object instance created during the map.

You can refer to workflows provided for the SAP standard integrations for examples. For more information, read Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide and Overview: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume I.

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