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SAP Field Mappings

This appendix contains instructions on assessing the field mapping tables used by the business service data maps. For more information, see Modifying Standard Integration Interfaces in Customizing Integrations.

Locating the SAP Field Mappings Tables

Due to the size of the field mapping tables, the SAP field mapping tables are located on the Siebel Bookshelf.

To locate the SAP Field Mappings Tables

  1. From the Siebel Bookshelf, in the Documentation by Product Line section, click eBusiness Applications.
  2. Click the Application Integration category.
  3. Navigate to the Connector for SAP R/3 Guide in the Application Integration category.
  4. To access the SAP field mappings table that you are interested in, choose from the following listings:
    • For account-customer mappings, select one of the following maps:
      • SAP R/3-Maps-Account (Siebel to SAP)
      • SAP R/3-Maps-Account (SAP to Siebel)
    • For order mappings, click SAP R/3-Maps-Order
    • For product mappings, click SAP R/3-Maps-Product.
    • For quote validation mappings, click SAP R/3-Maps-QuoteValidate.

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