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IDOC Integration

The Siebel Connector supports both sending and receiving IDOCs to and from SAP. In each case, the EAI Queue may be used for secure data transport. This functionality is performed through a series of business services provided by the Siebel application. Other sections of this document refer to these business services by the names in the following list.

Reference Name
Business Service Name

IDOC Adapter


IDOC Workflow Processor

EAI SAP IDOC Workflow Processor

IDOC Workflow Service

EAI SAP IDOC Workflow Service

Send Transaction Service

EAI SAP Send Transaction Service

Process Transaction Service

EAI SAP Process Transaction Service

Configuration requirements for Business Services for each of these options are discussed in the following sections. The behavior of Business Services can be controlled in three ways.

  • User Properties
  • Component Parameters
  • Method Arguments

The values of User Properties are set within Siebel Tools by selecting Business Service > Business Service User Prop from the Object Explorer and editing the Value field for the specific User Property. Changes to User Property values must be compiled into the .srf file.

The values of Component Parameters may be set by default or by you. You can change parameter values through the Server Manager. For more information on setting Component Parameters see Siebel System Administration Guide. If a Component Parameter has the same name as a User Property, its value overrides any previously defined value of the User Property.

The values of method arguments are set when a method in a business service is invoked. Values for method arguments on services that are invoked from a workflow are defined within a workflow. For this reason they can have fixed or variable values. If a method argument and a business service user property have the same name, the value of the method argument overrides the value of the user property. If a method argument and a component parameter have the same name, the value of the method argument overrides the value of the component parameter.

To summarize, the value of user properties can be overridden with component parameter or method argument values and the value of a component parameter can be overridden with a method argument value.

Each section in this chapter provides information on user properties, component parameters and method arguments that may be used for each business service. An explanation of how to incorporate these business services into a workflow is provided in Creating Workflows.

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