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IDOC Wizard Configuration

Some changes can be made to the IDOC Wizard business service to change the behavior of the wizard. User properties may be set as defined in Table 30.

Table 30.  IDOC Wizard Configuration Values
Valid Values


Any SAP version less than or equal to the SAP Version

Indicates the version of the IDOC to be retrieved from SAP. This is used only if the SAP version is 4.5A or newer. It causes the wizard to select a version of an IDOC other than the most recent version. For example, if you are working with SAP R/3 4.6C, you can retrieve a 3.1H IDOC by setting the SAPIdocVersion to "31H". If this was not set, a 4.6C IDOC would be retrieved.


3X, 4X

Defines the default value for the IDOC Integration Object User Property ALEVersion (corresponds to SAP versions 2 or 3). If not set defaults to 3X for SAP R/3 3.1 and 4X for SAP R/3 4.0 or newer.

When you make any changes to user properties in the IDOC wizard business service, you must compile these changes into the .srf file.

To change user properties

  1. Make a copy of the .srf file used by your Siebel Tools application.
  2. Start Siebel Tools.
  3. Lock the SAP Business Services project.
  4. Add or change the desired user properties on the EAI SAP IDOC Adapter Wizard business service as in Table 30.
  5. Compile the SAP Business Services project into your .srf file copy.
  6. Exit Siebel Tools.
  7. Copy the modified .srf file to the name of your old .srf file.
  8. Restart Siebel Tools.

When you invoke the wizard it now uses the new user property definitions.

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