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Component Configuration

The following objects must be configured:

  • Server component groups
  • Server components
  • Server component parameters

Component groups are assigned and enabled by default. The components within the component group are also, by default, enabled and set to online. Check to make sure that the following component groups have been enabled:

  • SAP Connector
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Also make sure that the following two components within the SAP Connector component group are enabled and online:

  • SAP BAPI tRFC Receiver
  • Business Integration ManagerServer

For information on enabling component groups, read Siebel System Administration Guide. You may enable component groups at server installation. Check the EAI and SAP component groups when prompted during Siebel server installation. For more information on enabling server component groups in the installation, refer to Deployment Planning Guide.

Siebel Connector for SAP R/3