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Checking Siebel Client Connectivity

You can check your SAP connection information by executing the TestSAPConnection workflow. This workflow contains a single call to the BAPI Adapter business service method MakeConnection. The flow can be executed through the Workflow Simulator. If no errors occur during its execution, the connection to SAP has been successful. If you receive errors, you may need to correct entries in the saprfc.ini file or the values of SAPRfcConnectString, SAPRfcUserName, or SAPRfcPassword.

To check client connectivity

  1. Modify the TestSAPConnection workflow to add three new Input Arguments:
    • SAPRfcConnectString
    • SAPRfcUserName
    • SAPRfcPassword
  2. Set their Type to Literal.
  3. In the Value field, enter their values as they would have been configured in the Siebel Configuration file or as set for the BusIntMgr component.

    NOTE:  In the Standard Integration workflows these parameters are set on the BusIntMgr server component, not within the workflow itself. They need to be set within the workflow because they are running within the workflow simulator. If you are using the Siebel Mobile Web Client the values can also be set in the Siebel Configuration file for the client.

  4. Execute the workflow using the workflow simulator. For more information on running the workflow simulator, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

    If no errors are displayed, the connection information is correct.

For more information on troubleshooting connection problems, read Troubleshooting Siebel Connector for SAP R/3.

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