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Checking tRFC BAPI Receiver Connectivity

You should be able to start a tRFC BAPI Receiver background component and test its connection from the SAP environment. This topic guides you through these tests.

Starting the tRFC BAPI Receiver

Start a BAPIRcvr after the Server is running by using a Server Manager line mode command. In addition, you can set the value of parameters such as SAPRfcDestEntry within the line mode command. For example:

start server for comp BAPIRcvr with SAPRfcDestEntry=DEV_Inbound

This command starts a BAPIRcvr while the Server is running. In this way, multiple BAPIRcvrs can be started that connect to different SAP installations.

Testing BAPIRcvr Connection

After you have started BAPIRcvr, you can check the connection between SAP and the receiver from the SAP transaction SM59. From SM59, select your RFC Destination from the tree under the TCP/IP branch. Then select the Test Connection button. SAP displays an error message if it is unable to connect to the BAPIRcvr. It displays timing information if the connection is successful.

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