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Setting Server Subsystem to Start the SAP IDOC AMI Receiver

Because the EAI Receiver infrastructure and transport mechanisms have changed in Siebel 7, the previous parameter specification at the Business Service level and the server Component parameter level is no longer used for the EAI transport related receivers. The new receivers use named subsystems.

There are two kinds of subsystems to be specified to start the SAP IDOC AMI Receiver for MQSeries (sapidocamimqrcvr):

  • ReceiverConnectionSubsystem
  • ReceiverDataHandlingSubsystem

Because the ReceiverDataHandlingSubsystem is preconfigured for sapidocamimqrcvr, you only need to provide ReceiverConnectionSubsystem.

To set the ReceiverConnectionSubsystem

  1. Log in to server manager line mode (you may also use server administration).
  2. Type in this command:

    create named subsystem your subsystem name for subsystem MQSeriesAMISubsys with MqPolicyName=your MQ AMI Policy name, MqReceiverServiceName=your MQ AMI Receiver Service name

  3. Use the command, list named subsystem, to make sure the subsystem is created.
  4. Stop the Siebel server service and restart it.
  5. Start the receiver with this command:

    start server for comp sapidocamimqrcvr with ReceiverConnectionSubsystem=your subsystem name

The SAP IDOC AMI Receiver can be used to trigger workflows upon the receipt of an IDOC just as the BAPIRcvr does. The receiver is configured by default to allow the invocation of the Standard Integration inbound workflows: Account - Send or Receive SAP 46C Customer (DEBMAS05), Product - Receive SAP 46C Material (MATMAS03), and SAP 46C Order Status (IDOC 4x).

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