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Sample Outbound Workflow

A sample workflow is provided to update a customer in SAP from the Siebel application. This workflow can be used in place of the Standard Integration Workflow Account - Send SAP 46C Customer. The sample workflow is called Send46CIdoc_UpdateSAPCustomer_MQAMI. This workflow passes a customer IDOC from the Siebel application to SAP through MQ Series instead of using the IDOC and tRFC BAPI adapters.

The sequence of the flow is:

Siebel Adapter > Data Map > EAI SAP IDOC MQ AMI Adapter > EAI MQSeries AMI Transport.

To use the sample workflow in place of the standard integration workflow

  1. Modify the standard Account Integration workflow SAP 4x Account - Submit SAP 46C Customer.
    1. Navigate to Workflow Process using Siebel Tools.
    2. Locate the Account - Submit SAP 46C Customer workflow, and then click Revise.
    3. Right-click the workflow, and select Edit workflow process.
    4. In the workflow steps applet for Update SAP Customer replace the value Account - Send SAP 46C Customer with Send46CIdoc_UpdateSAPCustomer_MQAMI.
    5. Save the changes.
    6. Repeat Step d and Step e for the Update Sales Area Info step.
    7. Return to Workflow Processes and deploy the workflow.
  2. Modify the sample workflow Send4xIdoc_UpdateSAPCustomer_MQAMI.
    1. From Tools > Workflow Process locate the sample workflow Send46CIdoc_UpdateSAPCustomer_MQAMI and click Revise.

      A new version of the workflow appears with status In Progress.

    2. Right-click the workflow and select Edit workflow process.
    3. Select the business service step, 4. MQ AMI Transport.
    4. Right-click and select Show Input Arguments, change the value of the Connection Subsystem argument from SAPSubsys to a name of your own choice, for example MQSenderSubsys.
    5. Save the changes.
    6. Return to workflow processes and deploy the workflow.
  3. Activate workflows.
  4. Create the connection subsystem that you named in the Connection Subsystem argument.
    1. Log in to server manager line mode (you may also use server administration).
    2. Enter this command:

    create named subsystem your subsystem name for subsystem
    MQSeriesAMISubsys with MqPolicyName=your MQ AMI Policy name,
    MqSenderServiceName=your MQ AMI Sender Service name

    1. Use the list named subsystem command to make sure the subsystem is created.
    2. Stop the Siebel server service and restart it.

      Now when you send an account to SAP from the Siebel application, it invokes the sample workflow.

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