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Account/Customer Integration Limitations

The Account/Customer standard integration supports the following SAP Standard Customer Account Groups: Sold-To Party, Ship-To Party, Bill-To Party, and Payer. When you submit a new account to SAP, SAP assigns it a customer number. After SAP assigns the customer number you cannot change the customer account group assignment in the Siebel application. If the account group for a customer in SAP changes, this information is updated in the Siebel application when the customer is sent to the Siebel application.

Phone numbers from SAP are imported with no formatting changes into the Siebel database. The Siebel application user interface attempts to display the phone number in the North American format, unless the number begins with a plus (+) sign. If the number begins with a plus sign, the user interface displays the number as an international number, beginning with a country code.

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