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Product/Material Integration

One standard integration exists for integrating SAP Materials and Siebel products. The product information in Siebel applications is based on the SAP Sales Views for material master data.

To execute the Material to Product Data Flow, first make sure that you have completed the installation steps as described in Installation and Configuration. In particular, be sure that you have completed all ALE configuration for the message type MATMAS flowing outbound from SAP, checked your tRFC BAPI Receiver connectivity, and entered sales areas in the Siebel database.

The flow of IDOCs from SAP can be triggered in many ways. A simple way to send a Material IDOC from SAP is to use the transaction BD10.

If a product in SAP is assigned to a particular SAP Sales Organization/Distribution Channel (no division is specified) then this product is automatically released for existing sales areas in this combination of Sales Organization/Distribution Channel.

If a Division is assigned in the SAP Material Master, the product is released for the corresponding Organization (SAP Sales Area) in the Siebel application.

From this transaction enter the Material ID, Message Type "MATMAS" and your external logical system and then click Execute. This sends a MATMAS03 IDOC. You can view the new product created under the Products list. To see the product organization and plant assignments navigate to Organization and Inventory Location. Figure 3 shows the Products form with the Organizations view tab active. This displays Organization, Primary Plant, Unit of Measure, Minimum Order Units, Currency Code, Orderable, Status, SAP Sales Organization, and SAP Distribution Channel.

Figure 3.  Product Form with the Organization Tab Active
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NOTE:  Standard Integrations have been created for use with SAP R/3 4.6C. The Business Service Data Map expects to receive a 4.6C MATMAS03 IDOC. If you are using a different version of SAP, this mapping may fail. If you are using a version of SAP newer than 4.6C, you can send a 4.6C IDOC to the Siebel application by setting the version to 46C in the appropriate Outbound Parameter for the Partner Profile you have created for MATMAS. You may need to modify this Standard Integration if you are unable to send a 4.6C IDOC to the Siebel application.

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