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Setting SAP Debugging Options

You can set debugging options in the saprfc.ini file to aid in tracing the data from the Siebel application to SAP. In the TYPE=A or TYPE=R entries you may add RFC_TRACE=1. This causes SAP's underlying RFC library to write debug files with names of the form "rfc*.trc" to be written to the bin directory. These files contain the raw data sent between the Siebel application and SAP.

Also, for a TYPE=A entry you may add ABAP_DEBUG=1. This causes the ABAP debugger to appear when the Siebel application makes an RFC call to SAP. You can then examine the data passed to SAP, step through the ABAP code and examine the data passed back to the Siebel application. You need to have the SAPGui installed on the same computer you are executing the RFC from.

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