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Troubleshooting Workflows

This section provides guidelines for resolving workflow issues. To resolve the problem, look for it in the list of Symptoms/Error Messages in Table 51.

Table 51.  Resolving Workflow Issues
Symptom/Error Message
Diagnostic Steps/Cause

When an IDOC is sent from SAP to the Siebel application, you do not see any data for a given component, even though this data is in the IDOC in SAP.

The component may be marked as inactive in the IDOC Integration Object or you may not have captured this component into the integration object. It is also possible that the IDOC structure you are sending does not match the IDOC Integration Object you have in the Siebel implementation.

Check that the version of the IDOC Type you are expecting and the version of the IDOC Type you are sending match. For example, if you are sending a newer version of DEBMAS02, you may be sending a segment with name E2KNA1M004, but if your IDOC Integration object is based on an older version of the IDOC, you may be expecting E2KNA1M. In this case the segment name would not match the integration object component name and it would appear that no data was created for your E2KNA1M component.

When transferring data to or from SAP through a BAPI interface, the decimal position in a numeric field is shifted.

You may need to change External Scale for the field in the integration object.

Refer to Modifying External Scale Values.

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