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Troubleshooting SAP Connection Problems

This section provides guidelines for resolving SAP connection problems. To resolve the problem, look for it in the list of Error Messages in Table 52.

Table 52.  Resolving SAP Connection Problems
Error Message
Diagnostic Steps/Cause

SAP error calling 'RfcOpenEx' for Rfc method ''. Message: 'You are not authorized to logon to the target system (error code 1).', group: 'h', key: 'CALL_FUNCTION_SIGNON_REJECTED'

User name, password, or client number is incorrect.

Check values in SAPRfcUserName, SAPRfcPassword, and SAPRfcConnectString.

SAP error calling 'RfcOpenEx' for Rfc method ''. Message: 'See RFC trace file or SAP system log for more details', group: 'h', key: 'RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE'

Error in destination, in connect string, or in saprfc.ini definition for destination.

Look for the file dev_rfc.trc in your bin folder for more information.

The DLL 'SSCAEIRF.DLL' could not be loaded.


The DLL 'SSCAEIIR.DLL' could not be loaded.

Librfc32.dll version 4.6C, which is part of the SAP RFC Software Development Kit (SDK), must be installed on all the machines on which Siebel Tools and Siebel Server are installed. If you receive this error message, it may be due to a missing librfc32.dll file or a file that is an earlier version than 4.6C. This may happen if you have not installed the librfc32.dll from SAP. This can be installed during installation of the SAPGui by selecting the Development Tools check box.

The Siebel applications look for the librfc32.dll file in the SYSTEM32 folder of the Windows NT or Windows 2000 installation. The product version of this file should be 46C. To check the Product Version:

  1. Select the file in Windows Explorer.
  2. Right-click, and choose Properties.
  3. Select the Version tab and the Product Version item in the list box.
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