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Checking the Status Record for Error Information

When IDOCs you are sending into SAP from the Siebel application are not being processed and the IDOC is there, check the following status records for error information:

  • Status of 64. IDOC ready to be passed to application. If you expected the IDOC to be processed immediately, check your Partner Profile to see that you have selected this type of processing. If you do not want to process immediately, you can create a background job to process the IDOC into the application layer. You can schedule RBDAPP01 to process the IDOC. Transaction BD87 can be used to manually process these.

    NOTE:  If you expect a large quantity of incoming IDOCs, consider setting the processing type in the partner profile to collect IDOCs, rather than process them immediately. Immediate processing can tie up dialog processes and slow down your performance. Alternatively, you can also use the EAI Queue to control the flow of IDOCs to SAP. Set SAPWriteXML to "WriteOnly" and the EAI SAP Send Transaction service user property SAPWaitTime to slow the flow of IDOCs to SAP so that SAP is not flooded.

  • Status of 51. Application Document not posted. This means that errors occurred when the IDOC was being processed in the application layer. This is normally a data problem. Examine the error message for information. Data can be corrected.

NOTE:  The SAP workflow should be configured to send erred IDOCs to an SAP Inbox for processing. This can greatly aid in the debugging process when data errors occur.

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