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Working with SAP R/3 Version 4.0

If you are working with an SAP 4.0 version, an additional configuration change is required to use the BAPI input and output wizards.

To make the configuration change

  1. Make a copy of the Siebel Tools .srf file.
  2. Start Siebel Tools and lock or checkout the SAP Business Services project.
  3. Select Business Service from the Object Explorer.
  4. Select the EAI SAP BAPI Input Wizard business service.
  5. Select Business Service User Prop from the Object Explorer (under Business Service).
  6. Create a new record in the Business Service User Props window.
  7. Enter SAPSysVersion in the name field and your SAP version in the Value field (for instance, 40B).
  8. Repeat steps Step 4 through Step 7 for the EAI SAP BAPI Output Wizard business service.
  9. Compile the changes into your copy of the .srf file.
  10. Exit Siebel Tools and use the new .srf file for starting Siebel Tools and executing the wizards.
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