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Outbound from the Siebel Application

Figure 28 shows the current implementation of the EAI Queue when making tRFC calls from the Siebel application to SAP R/3. From an EAI workflow, the EAI Siebel Adapter is invoked to extract data from the Siebel database corresponding to a Siebel business object definition. This data is used by the Siebel Adapter to create a Siebel integration object instance. This is passed through a transformation map service to create a BAPI input integration object instance. The BAPI input integration definition contains the structure of the data object to be passed through an IDOC Adapter to SAP in the tRFC call.

Figure 28.  Outbound from the Siebel Application Through ALE

Processing is the same as with tRFC calls except for the use of the IDOC Adapter. This adapter converts the IDOC Integration object to the raw tRFC call format required for the actual call to SAP. Consequently, when an IDOC is viewed in the queue, and it is in the form of a tRFC call to SAP, it is not in the form of the IDOC integration object.

Possible processing modes are as defined in EAI Queue Usage with SAP R/3 tRFC.

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