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Siebel Connector for Siebel eBusiness Applications

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How This Guide Is Organized

Revision History

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Using the Connector

Concepts and Terminology


Master and Slave

Global Data

Publishers and Subscribers


Channel Objects and Integration Objects

Channel Objects and Query Specifications

Channel Objects and Data Map

Incremental Snapshots

Transport Mechanisms

Comparison with Siebel Replication Manager

Key Design Considerations

Setup Topology


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Installing and Configuring the Connector

Creating a Publication Group

Defining Instance IDs

Defining the HQ Instance ID

Creating a Channel

Associating Integration Objects with Channels

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Using the Connector

Data Maps


Routing Messages

Global Data

Ownership of Global Data

Transfer of Ownership

Changing Global Data

Publishing Messages

Receiving Messages

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Customizing the Connector

Siebel Connector Integration Objects

Integration Object Modification

Deactivating Explicitly Joined Foreign Key Fields

Adding ModId Fields

Deactivating Primary Fields

Adding SnapshotObjectType System Field

Adding RealOperation System Fields

Adding a Status Key

Adding Field Dependency

Adding User Property to Allow Updates

Add Other User Keys (Except for Status Key)

Customizing a DTE Map for Use with Siebel Connector

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Initializing a New Instance

Creating New Instances

Publication Groups


Integration Objects

Identifying Records to Share

Assigning Ownership of a Record to an Instance

Create a Copy of the Database

Update Instance Identifications

Modifying Channel Information

Run the Workflow Processes

Siebel to Siebel Outbound Process

Process Properties

Process Steps

Siebel to Siebel Outbound Sub-Process

Siebel to Siebel Inbound Process

Process Steps

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Administration and Error Messages

Error Recovery and Administration

Recovering from a Hardware Failure

Recovering from a Software Failure

Adding New Instances

Resolving Data Conflicts



Multiple Channels

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Siebel Connector for Siebel eBusiness Applications