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Verifying IP Access to Siebel Servers

This task is part of Troubleshooting Siebel Load Balancing.

To verify IP access to Siebel Servers

1 Open the lbconfig.txt file.

Its default location is \siebel\eapps\admin.

  1. Write down the exact string used to identify the Siebel Servers in the Virtual Server definitions.

    This string will either be a host name or an IP address.

  2. On the Web servers where SWSE is running, ping each Siebel Server. Use the string from the lbconfig.txt file.

    If the ping succeeds then there is IP access.

  3. If the ping does not succeed, complete the remaining steps that follow.
  4. Verify that the Siebel Servers are on the network and running.
  5. Check for basic networking problems such as cabling, routers, and so on. Verify there is a physical path between the Web Servers and Siebel Servers.
  6. If the Siebel Servers are part of multiple networks, verify that the Web servers and Siebel Servers have a network in common.
  7. If you used the host name to do the ping, verify that the Siebel Servers are registered correctly in the DNS and that the names resolve to the correct IP address.
  8. Verify that a networking device such as a router or firewall are not blocking access to the Siebel Servers.
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