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Verifying Load Balancing Port Access for Siebel Servers

This task is part of Troubleshooting Siebel Load Balancing.

To verify load balancing port access

1 On the Web servers where SWSE is running, telnet to the SCBroker port (2321) on each Siebel Server.

For example, if a Siebel Server has the host name SiebSrvr1, then use the following command:

telnet SiebSrvr1:2321

If the connection succeeds, there is load balancing port access. The connection will time out after 500 ms.

  1. If the connection fails, "Could not open connection to server," then complete the remaining steps that follow.
  2. Verify that the desired Siebel applications are running on each Siebel Server.
  3. On each Siebel Server, verify that SCBroker is running and is configured to listen on port 2321.
  4. Verify that the operating system is not blocking access to the SCBroker port.
  5. Check that no other networking device, such as a firewall, is blocking access to the SCBroker port.
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