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About Accessing Customer History Information Without Replication

In this scenario, your company is part of the financial industry. Financial service institutions are typically cautious in the way they treat customer data, so they want to provide access to data while replicating as few times as possible, if at all. Your customer service agents need to know the transaction history of your customers in order to provide the best service. This information is typically stored in Customer Information files (CIFs) on mainframe computers.

Table 7 details the requirement for integrating customer transaction history information into Siebel applications.

Table 7.  Customer Data Access Integration Requirement
Business Requirement
Technological Requirement
Siebel's eAI Solution

To provide access to the Customer Information Files (CIFs) stored on a mainframe and display this information in the customer portal

Access to non-Siebel data without replication

Siebel Virtual Business Components (VBCs)

Siebel Virtual Business Components (VBCs) are built to handle this business need. VBCs abstract external data and present it to Siebel applications as part of the Siebel data model. Siebel business logic and user interface components process Virtual Business Components in the same way that they process Siebel application's regular business components.

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