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Business Processes and Rules: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume IV

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How This Guide Is Organized

Additional Resources

Revision History

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Defining Workflows for Siebel eAI

Sample Integration Workflows

Import Account (File)

Export Account (File)

Import Employee (MQSeries)

Export Employee (MQSeries)

Testing the Workflow Integration Process

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Creating and Using Dispatch Rules

Overview of EAI Dispatch Service

EAI Dispatch Service Rule Hierarchy

EAI Dispatch Service Methods

Search Expression Grammar

Output Transformation

EAI Dispatch Service

Inbound Requests

Outbound Requests

Implementing EAI Dispatch Service

Creating a Workflow

Defining Rule Sets

Defining Rules

Defining Transforms

Invoking a Workflow Process From an EAI Dispatch Service

Testing Your EAI Dispatch Service Using Argument Tracing

Differences Between EAI Dispatch Service and Workflow

ProcessAggregateRequest Method

EAI Dispatch Service Scenarios

Outbound Scenario

Inbound Scenario

Outbound Scenarios Using ProcessAggregateRequest

Examples of Search Expression Grammar

Examples of Dispatch Output Property Set

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Data Mapping Using the Siebel Data Mapper

Siebel Data Mapper Overview

EAI Data Mapping Engine

EAI Data Mapping Engine Methods

Using the EAI Data Mapping Engine

The Siebel Data Mapper

Integration Object Maps

Integration Component Maps

Integration Field Maps

Creating Data Maps

Define Integration Objects

Determining Required Maps

Creating New Data Maps

Creating Integration Component Maps

Creating Integration Field Maps

Validating the Data Map

Examples of Workflow Process

Outbound Workflow Process

Inbound Workflow Process

Executing the Workflow

EAI Data Mapping Engine Expressions

Addressing Fields in Components

Data Mapping Scenario

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Data Mapping Using Scripts


EAI Data Transformation

DTE Business Service Method Arguments

Map Functions

The Data Transformation Functions

Siebel Message Objects and Methods

Integration Message Objects



Integration Object Objects



Primary Integration Component Objects



Integration Component Objects



MIME Message Objects and Methods



Attachments and Content Identifiers in MIME Messages

XML Property Set Functions

Top-Level Property Set Functions

XML Element Accessors


EAI Value Maps

EAIGetValueMap Function

EAILookupSiebel Search Function

EAILookupExternal Search Function

CSSEAIValueMap Translate Method

EAIGetValueMap unmappedKeyHandler Argument

EAIGetValueMap() Method

Exception Handling Considerations

Error Codes and Error Symbols

Data Transformation Error Processing

Exception Handling Functions

Sample Siebel eScript

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Troubleshooting Techniques

Service Arguments Tracing

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Business Processes and Rules: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume IV