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Scenario for Competency Management

This scenario provides an example of a process performed by an administrator and an HR manager. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.


An administrator at a software company is in charge of setting up and maintaining the organization's competency management system. The administrator's organization is developing a new product line with three new management positions to manage the new product. The executive team outlines the skills and requirements for each position and delivers the requirements to the administrator.

The administrator reviews the preconfigured set of more than 1,000 skills in the Skills Library, and then creates some additional skills and categories required by the organization. Following guidelines developed by the organization, the administrator defines a hierarchy of skills, providing a top-down approach from very generic skills to very specific and detailed skills.

The administrator then creates job profiles, which characterize all available job positions within the software organization. The manager links the job profiles together, and associates competencies to the job profiles to establish a career development plan that can be used by the organization to structure the personal career development of each employee.


A new employee is hired into one of the new management positions. The Human Resources manager updates the employee's competency profile using the information gathered from the employee's application, resume, and notes from her interview. Either the manager or the administrator synchronizes the required competencies of the new position with the competency profile of the new hire.

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