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Associating Accounts and Competitors with News Topics

For news and company information to appear on the My Briefing page, you must link accounts and competitors in your Siebel database to a topic. D-U-N-S numbers are the standard topics used by Siebel Content Services to identify companies. You link accounts and competitors to topics using the Account Topic Manager.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Content Services

To create or change a topic association

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Portal > Account Topic Manager.

    The accounts and competitors from your Siebel database appear in the Accounts list. Name and Location are read-only. If the company is marked as a Competitor in your Siebel database, there is a check mark in the Competitor column.

  2. In the Accounts list, query for and select the account or competitor you want to associate with a topic.
  3. In the Company Search form, query for the account or competitor name in the Company Name field.

    Matching records from the Siebel Content Services company database (or your selected external content provider database) appear. For example, you might see multiple listings of a company because each location or subsidiary might have its own D-U-N-S number assigned to allow specific searches on that location or subsidiary.

  4. In the search results list, choose the specific company you want to define for your account or competitor, and click Assign DUNS.

    The corresponding company name and D-U-N-S number are entered in the Accounts list for the record that was previously selected.

    NOTE:  If your company has purchased Siebel Content Services, you can click the Company Briefing button on the Company Search form to retrieve a briefing on the selected company.

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