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Creation of Access Groups for Content News Services

Before you configure or create a news topic, consider which groups within your organization should have access to news services provided by Content Services. For example, if your organization has purchased seats of Content Services for a subset of employees, only those employees should have access to the external content.

In addition, depending on the employee's role in an organization or the types of clients with which the employee works, an employee may need access to certain industry sources and content topics. Rather than configure topics within Content Services so that the topics are visible to any user, you can configure content so that it is visible to specific groups of users.

You must associate an access group with a news package when you set up the package. As a result, you should create the appropriate access groups for your topics before you set up Content Services.

You should complete the following general procedures before setting up Content Services:

  1. Make a list of each organization requesting access to each news package (for example, specific industry sources and content topics).
  2. Create an access group for each news package, unless an appropriate group already exists.
  3. Associate employees with the access groups used for Content Services.

    NOTE:  When setting up a news package, use these access groups to target the package to a specific group of users.

For more information about setting up access groups, see Security Guide for Siebel eBusiness Applications.

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