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Administrator Setup Tasks

Table 7 lists and describes the administrative setup tasks that are specific to Siebel ERM. The table also directs you to documentation that provides information about each task.

When setting up your application, use Table 7 in combination with Applications Administration Guide.

Table 7.  Administrative Setup Tasks
Administrative Task
For More Information

Install servers and applications, and then enter license keys for specific Siebel applications.

Install Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Server, Siebel Database Server, and Siebel Web Servers. Specify Content Services

Refer to the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

Setting Up Content Services Host and Authentication Credentials

Set up the Application Services Interface (ASI) to synchronize data between ERM and a third-party system. (Optional)

Configure Web Services, activate the Employee ASI Workflow, and set up synchronization between ERM and the third-party system.

Setting Up an Application Services Interface.

Activate ERM Business Processes

Verify that ERM-specific workflow processes are active, and create new processes if desired.

Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide

Setting Up the Group News Approver Workflow


Set up Responsibilities for delegated administrators and users.

Assign users and views to preconfigured responsibilities; create new responsibilities.

Applications Administration Guide

Setting Up the Employee Administrator

Setting Up News Administrators, Authors, and Approvers

Assignment of News Topic Administrator Responsibilities

Setting Up Siebel HelpDesk Responsibilities

Configure ERM for the GUESTERM user.

This user ID verifies that each user logging in to Siebel ERM sees the proper Home Page with the correct page tab.

Configuring Siebel ERM for GUESTERM User

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