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Defining Review Periods and Rollups

Siebel Objectives and Reviews allows organizations to conduct annual reviews that include components such as shared objectives (for example, the organization's core values), skills assessments, 360-degree evaluations, and rollups of periodic reviews.

Periodic reviews are used to evaluate the performance of each employee multiple times during the year. A typical periodic review cycle is assessment conducted on a quarterly basis.

If a review period definition includes a rollup of periodic reviews, the rollup period type for the review period record must be defined.

For example, if previous quarterly reviews are rolled up into an annual review, the Rollup Period Type for the Year period record is defined as Quarter. Then, the annual review ratings for the defined period include a rollup (the average) of the overall ratings from any completed quarterly reviews falling within the annual period.

NOTE:  Review Periods and period units are defined using the Applications Administration screen. For more information on defining periods, see Applications Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Objectives and Reviews.

To change the rollup period type of a review period

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Performance Management > Review Configuration.
  2. In the Review Periods list, select the record you want to edit, and then choose a value in the Rollup Period Type field.

    The following table describes the fields in the review period record.



    The name of the review period.


    A description of the review period, for example, October through December of 2002.

    Period Type

    The type of review period. The options are Day, Week, Bi-weekly, Month, Quarter, Half-Year, and Year.

    Rollup Period Type

    This field is optional. Leave this field empty unless you intend to use the review period to roll up other reviews.

    If you want to roll up reviews, specify the type of period to roll up for this period type.

    A Period Type and Rollup Period Type combination of Year and Quarter specifies that the annual review overall rating can include a rollup (average) of the overall ratings from quarterly reviews completed during the year.

    Start Date

    The start date for the period.

    End Date

    The end date for the period.

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