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Content and Information Management and Siebel ERM

Siebel ERM corporate content applications help organizations create and manage content, while providing employees with the tools to access product, customer, and industry information from a single, central location. Siebel ERM corporate content aggregates business data from multiple sources, such as your Siebel database, the Internet, legacy systems, and third-party news services.

As an administrator, you can configure your Siebel application to show this data in one of the following types of Web pages:

  • Home page. This page provides employees with information such as new opportunities, service requests, company news, and literature from the Siebel Encyclopedia.

    NOTE:  Siebel Encyclopedia is a feature that aggregates the files and attachments used in your Siebel application, such as literature, images, and products. To access the Siebel Encyclopedia, users can use one of the predefined views, such as Literature, Catalog, or Pricing in the application.

    From the Home page, users can search the Web using Internet search engines, track expense reports, and view personalized news topics. Users can customize and personalize the content that appears on the home page.

  • Briefing pages. These pages provide employees with a briefing-style summary of important business information about accounts, competitors, and other organizations, and can include recent news, relevant data from the Siebel database, and company profiles provided by Siebel Content Services. For more information, see ERM Briefing Pages and Siebel Briefings Administration Guide.
  • Microsite pages. These pages provide employees with information, such as corporate announcements, links to literature files, links to HTML files, and other key resources. Microsite pages are flexible, giving administrators the ability to integrate unstructured content on the same page with Siebel data. Siebel ERM ships with several preconfigured Microsite pages, such as the Human Resources page. For more information about microsites, see Applications Administration Guide.

Siebel Content Services

Siebel Content Services is a news subscription service that is integrated with Siebel ERM. Customers who subscribe to Siebel Content Services receive premium news and company information from multiple sources that are preconfigured for Siebel ERM. Administrators can configure Siebel Content Services so that relevant content is delivered to the appropriate individuals. By associating specific types of content with specific groups of users, content can be targeted.

Siebel Content Services includes leading news wires, business magazines, newspapers, and trade journals. It provides news, company profiles, corporate relationship information, market data, and other relevant content that appear in context with your organization's data. For more information, see Setting Up Content Services and Applications Administration Guide.

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