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Scenario for Siebel Projects

This scenario provides an example of processes performed by an administrator, a manager, and an end user. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Projects Administrator

A projects administrator for a software company is asked to help plan and implement his organization's new corporate marketing program. The global campaign requires the development of numerous cross-functional projects. The administrator designs an activity template that can be used by other Siebel Projects users to create individual activity plans that incorporate the activities necessary to manage the marketing campaign rollout. He assigns the template to Projects, allowing access to anyone using the Siebel Projects application. The administrator then creates a series of corresponding activities with suggested start and end dates and descriptive information. The administrator then sets up virtual collaboration and the Project Home and Project Summary pages.

The administrator launches the campaign by giving an overview presentation to the designated global project leads, using the virtual collaboration application within Siebel Projects. The administrator explains how each project moderator can create a cross-functional project plan to execute and manage the rollout for each geographic region. The administrator demonstrates that after a project is created and staffed, the project lead can develop an plan to complete the project objectives by selecting the marketing rollout activity template from the Projects screen's Activity Plan view. After it is selected, the activity template automatically displays the associated activities and completion timeframes for the campaign. Each project moderator can then assign activities to the appropriate project members.

Project Moderator

A project moderator at a financial organization is asked to coordinate a cross-functional project to develop a series of APIs that allow the organization's software to better integrate with third-party products. The moderator requires assistance from several other groups in the organization such as Development, Product Marketing, and Global Services as well as from external contacts.

The moderator begins by browsing existing projects in the All Projects view. She selects the General Engineering project and then a subproject called Future Product Requirements. The moderator creates a new project, enters the key project details, and sets the project's delivery status and access type to convey the health of the project and visibility rights. Finally, the moderator adds a graphic to the Project Summary page to personalize the project.

After the project is created, the moderator staffs the project using employees with the appropriate skills. The moderator then accesses the Activity Plans tab and selects an activity plan template that automatically creates a series of activities and tasks for the project. She enters a few additional activities, and then assigns the activities to the project members so they can begin working the project.

Project Member

A product marketer has been added to a project to develop a series of APIs for her organization's software project. This project is a cross-functional, global project and includes employees located in several different countries and time zones. The marketer uses Siebel Projects to pose questions, obtain answers, and share information and best practices with the projects team members.

The product marketer accesses the Project Summary page of this project and reviews key project information such as project description and objectives, key project indicators, project news, related projects, new project notes, and activities that help her to understand the project and her individual responsibilities.

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