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Process of Setting Up Siebel Projects

The following lists show the procedures that an administrator and manager typically perform to set up and use Siebel Projects. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Topics

To set up Siebel Projects, review the following topics:

  1. Project Activity Templates and Activities. For more information, see Applications Administration Guide.
  2. Virtual Collaboration and the Project Center. The administrator sets up virtual collaboration within Siebel ERM to allow coworkers to communicate in real time over the Web. For more information on setup, see Siebel Portal Framework Guide.
  3. Project Summary and Project Center Pages. Administrators use the Microsite Management feature to configure and manage the layouts for the ERM Project Home and ERM Project Summary pages. For more information on Microsite Management, see Applications Administration Guide.

End-User Procedures

To use Siebel Projects, perform the following procedures:

  1. Browsing Projects (End User)
  2. Creating Projects (End User)
  3. Adding Project Team Members (End User)
  4. Creating a Project Activity Plan (End User)
  5. Adding a Description to the Project Summary (End User)
  6. Updating and Tracking Project Information (End User)
  7. Adding Graphics to Project Summary Pages (End User)
  8. Adding News Content to a Project (End User)
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