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Project Summary and Project Center Pages

The Siebel Projects module includes two preconfigured project pages, Project Home and Project Summary, that include information relevant to employees' projects. Administrators use the Microsite Management feature to configure and manage the layouts for these pages, adding links to other Siebel applications, other Siebel portal pages, or important messages. For more information on managing the content and layout for the Siebel project pages, see Applications Administration Guide.

Project Home Page

The Siebel Project home page (the Project Center page) provides employees, managers, and executives with an overview of their projects, highlighting key project information such as delivery status, and new activities that have been assigned to them across all their projects. The Siebel Projects home page also acts as a platform for integrating real-time collaboration technologies, such as online meetings and presentation capabilities or instant messaging and conferencing services.

When your organization subscribes to Siebel Content Services, you can access Siebel application-hosted data to personalize the delivery of external news content to the Siebel project pages. Siebel application-hosted data consists of company profiles, corporation relationship information, premium external news feeds, and productivity content from content producers and providers. For more information on setting up external news content, see Setting Up Content Services.

Project Summary Page

The Siebel Project summary page provides employees with a summary view of events occurring within a particular project. The project summary page provides specific performance indicators, as well as a forum for conveying project objectives, highlighting required actions, delivering information, and providing relevant third-party news.

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