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Performance and Ratings Distribution Timeline

An organization typically uses a timeline similar to the following example during a review period that includes a ratings distribution. This example includes dates for an Q1 review period.

  • Jan. 8. During a company performance review period, each employee completes a self-review and submits the review by a specified date to the employee's manager.
  • Jan. 19. The manager approves the employee's self-review, completes the manager's review of the employee and assigns an overall rating to the employee. When the manager submits the review, the review status becomes PDA.
  • Jan. 22. At the established deadline, the administrator locks the remaining reviews to PDA status, and managers review ratings distribution using the compensation planning application.
  • Jan. 23. This process continues until the final approver manager reviews and approves the rating distribution.
  • Jan. 23-Feb. 6. Compensation plans are released, and managers conduct performance review meetings.
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