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Business Scenario for Preparing for an Event

This scenario provides an example of a process flow performed by an event planner. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements.

Continuing the example from Business Scenarios for Defining an Event, at this stage the event planner has defined several tracks for the event. Now, the event planner completes the following track management tasks:

  • She identifies the sessions that make up each of these tracks and associates the sessions with their respective track.
  • She associates related tracks with one another.

Next, the event planner completes the following activity management tasks:

  • She adds staff to events and sessions.
  • She assigns event staff members to various activities, then monitors the progress of those activities.

Concurrent with the activity management tasks, the event planner completes the following information preparation tasks:

  • She adds sessions to events.
  • To confirm there are no unintentional gaps or overlaps in the timing of sessions, she views session schedules.
  • She adds speakers to sessions.
  • She publishes event information to a Web site.
  • She prepares event collateral and adds specific collateral to the appropriate events and sessions.

Next, the event planner completes the following site preparation tasks:

  • She chooses a venue and enters room information.
  • She adds information about the equipment available in an event venue room.
  • She enters a location for a event venue. Because the location is a hotel where special rates are available for event attendees, she also associates the venue rate codes with the event.
  • Having entered the venue and its rate codes, she can enter venue billing information.
  • Having entered locations as event venues and having entered rooms associated with those locations, she assigns specific rooms to individual sessions within the event.

These are just some of the many tasks that the event planner performs to prepare for an event. Other preparation tasks include associating partner organizations and vendors with events or sessions, recording billing parameters for event vendors, entering vendor discounts and other special rate codes, and attaching files to events.

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